Stress Testing

Get your hosted site running at absolute peak performance

Is heavy traffic making your site slower than you'd prefer, even after the sysadmins have tweaked your server environment? We can pinpoint the bottlenecks in your system, including potential issues in the code, and make recommendations to fine-tune your site to work at optimal efficiency, taking advantage of all that the platform has to offer.

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Key Benefits

Stress Testing
Our stress tests all include:
Multiple test runs, minor environment tweaks, and a detailed report.

Learn Your Capacity

Knowing how many users your site can handle is essential to keeping your users happy. Our stress tests push your site and accompanying resources to their limit, letting you know exactly how many users your site can handle and whether you'll need upgrades to handle future traffic increases.

Be Ready for Traffic Spikes

A video goes viral; a huge burst of traffic hits for an unexpectedly popular widget for sale on your site. Don't let these events cause your site to become unresponsive and shutter your doors. Our testing will inform you of the magnitude of spikes that your site can handle, and enable you to make informed decisions.

Customized Plan

A cookie-cutter stress test won't give you the answers you need. We'll leverage your knowledge of your site to create accurate simulations of your users’ behaviours, so you can be confident of the levels of traffic your site can handle.

Day to Day Improvements

Benefit from working with engineers who bring years of knowledge and experience optimizing applications and maintaining uptime and high performance. As we stress your site, we'll look for areas of improvement and make any necessary environmental tweaks along the way.

Stress Testing
Our stress tests all include:
Multiple test runs, minor environment tweaks, and a detailed report.

Faster Response Times

Make your user experience fast, even at higher levels of traffic. Our performance engineers will look for choke points in your system at high traffic levels. We'll then dig into the bottleneck to find potential solutions and give you a list of recommendations.

How It Works

We'll help you find the problem areas in your site performance. Could it be inefficient code?
Maybe a slow database query?
Whatever it is, we'll pinpoint it for you.



First we model the important workflows the users of your site perform with respect to your performance goal(s), then build a plan that emulates this.


Implementation Cycle

The plan is executed and we monitor the resources being used. With that data, we pinpoint any issues. If possible, we'll make minor tweaks to your environment to clear congestion. We'll then repeat the test to find the next bottleneck. This cycle is repeated as many times as needed.


Performance Report

After the tests are done, we'll send a report with graphs displaying your performance, details on actions we've taken, and any further actions you can do to improve your site's performance even more.


Ocean Wise

Gossamer Threads is an invaluable vendor for Ocean Wise, providing us with secure web hosting and other services for many years.

Recently we contracted them to do stress-testing on a new web-app we were launching for a very important program which we needed to ensure could stand up to large amounts of web traffic.

I was very happy and impressed with the flexibility and dedication that GT showed. The communication between us and their internal teams is exceptional, the tests were completed thoroughly, and we were felt great knowing our new app would not fail under high-load.

I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. Thanks!

- Meighan Makarchuk, Web Content Manager, Ocean Wise



Lethbridge College

The technical team here at Lethbridge College would like to express our appreciation to GT for the fantastic collaboration on our recent migration project.

Ronnie, Nathan, Jack and everyone else facilitated the planning around the process with professionalism and executed the process smoothly.

In particular, stress testing the site prior to pushing live gave us all a welcome measure of confidence about future performance, by identifying potential issues should traffic greatly exceed expectations.

Lethbridge College strongly recommends GT as a technology partner to any organization that runs a mission-critical web presence.

- Technical team, Lethbridge College

What do you get?

  • Analysis of analytics data to determine the workflows to be simulated

  • Simulated traffic tests of up to 2,500 concurrent users

  • Recommendations for server tuning

  • Recommendations for code fixes

  • Final report of findings

The cost for a Stress Testing package is $1500 (USD).

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