Clustered Web Server Hosting

Multi-server, multi-tier, and fully managed

For complex, high-traffic sites or applications where downtime is absolutely not an option.

Every Clustered Web Server Hosting solution is built from the ground up to meet your complex hosting needs — with highly available and load balanced resources, and even a full business continuity platform spanning multiple data centres and featuring redundancy and disaster recovery.

Packages start at $600/month.

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Key Benefits

All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

High Availability

When downtime is never an option. Through load balancing, we'll spread the workload evenly over multiple servers. Plus, with redundancy and failover-setup, we'll make sure your site is always running.

Multi-server Clusters

With multiple dedicated servers acting as one, sites with high traffic and multiple applications enjoy the power to handle any sort of unexpected surge. You'll never have to worry about poor performance, ever again.

Expect High Performance

What other hosting providers can't do is to ensure that your new clustered web server set-up can handle even the most extreme loads. We can. We perform rigorous stress testing to any new clustered system.

Built to Scale with You

"True" hosting is a utility and just a smart thing to do for your business. When your business grows, we give you more resources to handle the traffic and activity. If your business downsizes, scale down and save some money. It's just smart business.

All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

Advanced Monitoring

Monitoring the health and performance of your system isn't optional — it's essential. Real-time graphs set up via our in-house monitoring software, GossamerEye, ensures your site always meets your business needs.

Sample Clustered Web Server Configurations

Compare some sample configurations and understand the use cases to get started. When you're ready, we'll customize and optimize the solution to meet your needs.

E-commerce Cluster

E-commerce Cluster

What matters most to your online shoppers? Security and speed. Our PCI/DSS compliant e-commerce cluster gives you plenty of both so that you can do what you do best, focus on your business, while your customers enjoy an outstanding shopping experience.

Recommended Components

  • 2 x Load Balancers
  • 2 x Firewalls
  • 2 x Web Servers
  • 2 x Application Servers
  • 2 x Database Servers
  • 2 x Memcache Servers

CRM Cluster

CRM Cluster

Manage your customer interactions with confidence. A high-availability and high performance CRM cluster ensures that you address their needs quickly and efficiently.

Recommended Components

  • 2 x Firewalls
  • 3 x Web Servers
  • 2 x E-mail Servers
  • 4 x Application Servers
  • 2 x Database Servers

E-mail Cluster

E-mail Cluster

The number of e-mails and e-mail accounts grow by over 7% annually. By 2015, there will be over 4 billion accounts worldwide. That’s a lot of transmission and storage. Don't wait until your mail servers choke on rapid-fire e-mail exchanges.

Recommended Components

  • 2 x Firewalls
  • 3 - 5 x E-mail Servers
  • 2 x Database Servers
  • 2 x File Servers

Or just reach out and we'll get started together.

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How We Engage

Clustered web server hosting solutions are typically application-focused as we engage in deep discussions to ensure the optimal architectural configuration.



Your engagement begins with a discussion about your business needs and requirements. We actively solicit feedback as we look to understand your strategic goals.

One of the key of decisions we make with you is to ascertain whether a clustered server configuration is absolutely needed.


Architecture and Design

Our expert sys admin team designs your clustered set-up that addresses your application requirements, planning for performance and stability. We'll discuss critical decisions that need to be made pertaining to Disaster Recovery, Back-up, and Failovers.


Provisioning of Clustered Components

Upon sign-off, we'll prepare the hardware on our end and set up your environment according to your specifications.

We'll begin preliminary testing by mirroring existing applications onto our servers.


Heavy Testing

Something a lot of hosting providers won't do for you: we'll perform Performance Testing, Load Testing, and Stress Testing as we ramp up and down traffic to uncover performance bottle necks within your application.



We set up our Disaster Recovery and other required features, build out documentation, enable real-time graphs via GossamerEye, and prepare the site to scale easily to handle traffic spikes

Only when all is well we go LIVE.



We don't stop after we go live.

We'll test and monitor your site to ensure performance is as expected.

Case Studies

Case Study

Users rely on Greatmail; Greatmail relies on's technical expertise.

Greatmail concentrates on providing reliable e-mail hosting with high availability, ample storage, spam filtering and other useful features. Experiencing increased demand, they recognized that they...

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Clustered Web Server Hosting starts at $600/month.