Canadian Private Cloud Hosting

On demand scaling for maximum performance and cost certainty

Your business requires uncompromising security, with resources that are dedicated and designed exclusively for your organization.

Website traffic can fluctuate a lot. With our single-tenant Private Cloud, you're always ready for anything.

Packages start at $2,000/month.

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Key Benefits

private cloud
All private cloud hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

Complete Control

With full, self-service provisioning capabilities, your Private Cloud is perfect for quickly adding (or removing) VMs to meet variable demand without any extra cost or performance degradation.

Cost Predictability

The last thing you want in the age of utility computing is to over- (or under-) buy computing resources with fluctuating monthly expenses that make budgeting impossible. Grow and shrink as your needs change with no cost surprises.

Managed Infrastructure

Included in your one low monthly fee is the full management and support of the underlying virtualization platform and the physical infrastructure 24x7. You'll never have to worry again about expensive infrastructure renewal, support contracts, or other large capital costs.

Full Security

While some other hosters may see your security and compliance needs as a burden, we work with all of our clients to design and deploy a fully secured, fully-compliant system that meets your and your customers needs. Nobody gets into your Private Cloud, unless you want them to.

Private Cloud
All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

Designed for You

What are your key considerations for your Private Cloud? Data and system availability? Monthly traffic, flexibility, and growth? Reliability and predictable performance? We’ll walk you through what you need to know and help you design the perfect Private Cloud for your business.

Private Cloud Hosting Comparison

See what your VM potential could be with a couple of sample high-end dedicated servers (nodes) configurations.

2 High-end Server Nodes

Your "Building Blocks"

  • 2 high-performance servers (Nodes)
  • 12 cores each — 24 cores total
  • 128 GB RAM each — 256 GB RAM total
  • $1,250/month, no contract
Private Cloud Hosting with 2 High-end Server Nodes

10 High-end Server Nodes

Your "Building Blocks"

  • 10 high-performance servers (Nodes)
  • 12 cores each — 120 cores total
  • 128 GB RAM each — 1,280 GB RAM total
  • $12,000/month, no contract
Private Cloud Hosting with 10 High-end Server Nodes

How "busy" your VMs are is more important than how "many" VMs you create. Don't worry. We'll help you find your optimal VM number.

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Firewall and load balancers are included in all Private Cloud configurations.

Economic Comparison

Straight Forward Costing.
Simply put: the best price / performance Private Cloud

Your Private Cloud will consist of two or more high performance servers (called nodes). Each server comes with one flat monthly price and 12 cores that can be “performance-unified” for superior utilization across your cloud. So when compared to other cloud providers like AWS, with you’ll get more performance for less cost and still have capacity left over for development and test servers.

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Private Cloud

Cost Consistency

Other cloud providers make you pay for any extra VM you spin up. With, you only pay once – for our high performance servers, with optimized utilization.
Use your resources to spin up additional VMs like Dev1, Dev2 and Dev3 or in busy times Web1, Web2 and Web3. All at no extra cost.

Private Cloud

Month-to-Month. No Contract.

You don't need to lock into an extended contract to enjoy the best price/performance Private Cloud available.
You can cancel your Private Cloud subscription at any time, within one month notice.
To top it all, we’ll even cover the cost of migrating to

How We Engage

Our Canadian Private Cloud Hosting solutions are platform based: takes care of the hardware and cloud platform, and you manage your VMs and applications.



Your engagement begins with a discussion about your business needs and requirements.

We actively solicit feedback as we look to understand your strategic goals.


Architecture and Design

Our expert sys admin team designs your private cloud set-up that addresses your application requirements, planning for performance and stability. We'll discuss critical decisions that need to be made pertaining to Disaster Recovery, Back-up, and Failovers.


Provisioning of Cloud Hardware

Upon sign-off, we'll prepare the hardware on our end and set up your environment according to your specifications.

We'll begin preliminary testing.



The infrastructure is set up and stabilized and you're in control.

When all is well and only then, we go LIVE.



We don't stop after we go live.

We'll test and monitor your site to ensure performance is as expected.


Support & Service

Your success is what matters most to us. We'll provide professional consultation that will help you manage your system optimally.

And if you ever need extra help, you can always reach out to us and speak directly with one of our experienced sys admins.

Case Studies

Case Study

The Student Room was expanding wildly: help them set a straight course. first provided The Student Room (TSR), a student-centered forum, dedicated hosting during their early days - great for development and initial traffic. When they were steadily growing, moved...

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Private Cloud Hosting starts at $1,250/month.