May 23rd, 2019 is proud to work with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights on their Stop Hate Project, launched in March of 2017.

Surging incidents of hate across the United States are devastating people from all walks of life, all across the country. In order to protect the rights of those communities most vulnerable, Communities Against Hate, a coalition of diverse national organizations and neighbourhood groups, provides a safe place for affected individuals to share their stories. Resources are provided to connect with community organizations, mental health services and, if appropriate, access to legal counsel.

One of the important prongs of this organization is The Stop Hate project hotline (844-9NOHATE). worked closely with a team of lawyers to create an intake interface whereby volunteers can efficiently document callers’ information and offer resources.

Integral Reporting

A comprehensive reporting process was a key requirement for The Stop Hate project – the collected statistics are a powerful tool to drive services and policy change, raise awareness and educate the public in order to change the current narrative normalizing hate.

With our custom-coded reporting system, we were able to set up an interface for Lawyers’ Committee staff to pull up statistics from different criteria such as motivations or location, and cross-reference on additional filters. This custom tool provides very general stats (eg. the total number of hate incidents in a particular month), but can also drill down to specific details (eg. a list of cities with open hate crimes against a particular group in the last 90 days).

The dashboard also offers staff the ability to view detailed stats at a glance and creates rapid-access lists based on pre-determined variables.

This comprehensive reporting ensures that the hotline is accessible to a diverse range of community members in need, and that they are developing resources that are most useful to communities on the ground.

The Stop Hate hotline is a critical tool for people to speak out against hate and bigotry. For more information about this important program visit to see their mandate and view their collection of community resources to combat hate.