November 17th, 2013



Greatmail concentrates on providing reliable e-mail hosting with high availability, ample storage, spam filtering and other useful features.

Experiencing increased demand, they recognized that they either needed to add a large onsite team, or find a suitable technical partner that could ensure scalability and expertise while they grew their business.

Scalability was crucial since the amount of POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts Greatmail offers was growing at an rapid pace. In addition, Greatmail’s need for reaching out to their user base in the form of announcements (potentially thousands of e-mails) required a flexible, resource-scalable platform.


Having worked with in the past, Greatmail looked to to provide them with a solid hosting platform for their growing service. Our engineers configured a high performance, high availability clustered environment for them, tweaked for optimal performance for an e-mail service.

Servers access shared storage on Network Appliances via a high performance fibre channel. Storage being separate allowed for instant scalability if ever Greatmail needed more space for more e-mail accounts. All parts of the cluster are redundant, allowing for any piece of hardware to fail without the main service experiencing any downtime.

In addition to the hosting platform, managed all of the technical architecture to ensure that e-mails get delivered and received reliably from Greatmail’s servers. IP usage is monitored to ensure reputation is kept in good standing, and spam management for outbound e-mails is handled via checks against black hole lists and feedback loops.


A larger scale hosting platform gave Greatmail the ability to offer much higher volume of e-mail accounts as well as increased capability in e-mailing to their own clients (announcements, service updates, etc). All of these benefits were gained without Greatmail having to deal with any hardware details, and having bear the technical burden. This sort of solution is ideal for growing organizations – it gives them more time to focus on their core business, concentrating on what they’re good at.

All of the technical architecture (e-mail management, IP addresses) is now handled by Working alongside Greatmail as a technical partner, delivers reliable hosting and offers consulting as they require.

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