December 17th, 2013



The Tyee is one of British Columbia’s largest and well renowned publications, covering everything from politics, to culture and events in the local area. It’s powered by Bricolage, with the CMS managing the editorial workflow and publication process.

They came to in 2005 after dealing with an unreliable hosting service that was painfully slow in delivering their content, making them one of’s earliest hosting clients. As a growing publication, they needed a hosting partner that could deliver their site reliably even in peak traffic (including seasonal traffic during elections), and most importantly, one that knew Bricolage inside and out.


Since’s sister company, Gossamer Threads, was trusted with customizing The Tyee’s Bricolage workflow, it only made sense for The Tyee to host with

The Tyee’s site runs on’s Hosted Bricolage service for optimal performance and stability. Housed in a dedicated server, the environment is tweaked for high-speed mod_perl (the language Bricolage was written in) performance. The server boasts 2x dual core CPUs and 16 GB of RAM – ample resources for Bricolage to stretch its legs and push out a multitude of content, while being able to withstand heavy traffic.

Breaking stories and seasonal content means that The Tyee needs to be traffic-spike proof. During the BC elections, The Tyee publicises its election monitor – an interactive map that shows ridings and popularities of candidates.

The Tyee's interactive Election Monitor app lets users get information on ridings in their area.

The Tyee’s interactive Election Monitor app lets users get information on ridings in their area.

Traffic surges to the URL in that period, and so helped tune and stress test the app to ensure it could handle the load.


Today, The Tyee regularly handles 175,000+ unique visitors per month with ease, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down!

All of Bricolage’s setup is managed by As they grew, The Tyee never had to worry about dealing with technical issues, only delivering current news and interesting stories – which is how it should be.

Learn more about our Hosted Bricolage solution here.