July 17th, 2013



The David Suzuki Foundation is a Vancouver-based, not-for-profit organization, established to protect the diversity of nature and educate people about the environment. Being on a budget, a solid yet affordable hosting solution was their key goal. A secondary goal was prudent support. They experienced slow loading times with their old hosting provider due to badly maintained servers and waited hours for a reply when contacting their customer support.


Feeling strongly about the foundation’s agenda, GT.net stepped in and offered a high-performance platform at a discounted-rate. A dual-core CPU, 8GB RAM, dedicated virtual private server (VPS) was set up and the David Suzuki Foundation website was migrated to its new home in just a few hours.

Additionally, GT.net’s parent company, Gossamer Threads, developed a tie-in between their blogging software, Moveable Type, and Solr, an open source search technology. This provided much more relevant results with a near instant response, and included new user-focused functionality (i.e. highlighted search terms).


GT.net’s fully managed, dedicated hosting solution gave the David Suzuki Foundation the reliability and stability it sorely needed. With page load times being less than 2 seconds, visitors could now access the site without experiencing the long wait times they had before. Faster and more relevant search improvements made sure their users could find exactly what they need quicker and more readily.

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