January 29th, 2016

Whether you are a DIY’er or require a fully-managed team to support you, you can always count on our flexible, fully-hardened and fully-managed network environment to support your business 24/7.

Packages start at $250/month.

Key Benefits of a Self- or Fully-Managed IaaS

We Take Care of the Network

No matter the size or location of your business, GT.net will provision the hardware, install your server, harden it for security, manage the network, and more. Our self, or fully-managed, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions bring enhanced security, productivity and solid support to your business.


Our Cologix data centre in Vancouver, BC

Flexible Fixed Price Model

GT.net uses a simple, reliable, cost efficient pricing model: get a pool of computing (cores and RAM) and storage resources (SAN device space or dedicated drives, primary or secondary access), then you decide how you wish to allocate them.

Performance and Power

Whether you run an e-commerce site with considerable security requirements, a high-traffic blog site, or a SaaS application, we’ll look at each tier in your application to ensure that everything is performing optimally.

Experience and Customization

No two sites are alike — at any given moment, a website will consume varying amounts of resources. We’ll ensure that you are appropriately configured, providing optimized CPU, RAM, disk, storage, and backups to meet your demanding business needs.

Benefit from working with expert performance engineers who have decades of experience and knowledge in optimizing applications, maintaining up-time and high-performance. We’ll help perform continuous, important, day-to-day tasks that are crucial to keeping your solution running at peak performance, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Security and Compliance

We start by ensuring that our own infrastructure is locked down and SSAE16 certified. We’re also fully HIPAA, PCI/ DSS, and PIPEDA compliant, having passed a series of rigorous audits performed by outside service auditors.


Your data resides on Canadian soil in our PIPEDA compliant cloud, so you don’t need to worry about Data Localization, Data Residency, and other privacy and security concerns that come with cloud hosting based in the U.S., the EU, or elsewhere in the world. Your sensitive records, documents, and transactions will remain protected under Canada’s business-friendly data protection regulations.

All hosting solutions feature: No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfers.

GT.net Value Added Features

Backup and Restoration

Never fear losing mission-critical data again. We use automated backup and data recovery features to prepare for any potential disaster or security breach. With fail-overs and redundancy, we make sure that you have a fail-safe method to continue accessing your data and operating your business no matter what.

With full backups of your system, you can expect to get your website and applications back up and running without delay. We have multiple advanced backup, fail-over, and disaster recovery options that you can mix and match to archive and store your data, prevent data loss and corruption, schedule backups, prepare a secondary system, and more.

Cost Consistency

Your monthly bill stays consistent as we help you to monitor your activity to ensure an optimal utilization. Don’t overpay for resources that are not in use!

Advanced Performance Monitoring and Optimization

We built our own tools to monitor your system to our own exacting standards. With GossamerEye, an advanced server-monitoring program, we keep an “eye” on potential issues, allowing you to pro-actively take immediate action before they become real problems. With GTmetrix.com, site developers can set up alerts based on performance criteria, monitor your site’s performance over time, and test from seven locations around the world.

Highly Experienced Support

Alex and Jack at GT Headquarters in Vancouver, B.C.

There’s no such thing as “Level 1 Support” at GT.net. At first contact, you’ll be talking to a highly experienced GT.net employee who can resolve your problems. Our team has two decades of experience in web technology, cloud hosting, applications, testing, security, and optimization. We are truly a comprehensive managed IaaS service provider.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we maintain satisfied and lasting relationships with clients across the globe. Our experts pride themselves in providing personalized, responsive service to help you solve your complex technical issues.