January 6th, 2016

GT.net Private Cloud Solution

With all of the “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) models out there today, it can be confusing to pick a provider that offers high performance, is scalable and affordable.

With GT.net’s IaaS private cloud, you never have to worry.  We offer performance hosting at a flexible structure, fixed-price model, with secure resource provisioning that actually makes sense for your business.  Our personal approach determines your needs and architectures on a case-by-case basis.  Cost stability is based on your requirements, and you never have to worry about virtual machine (VM) space because we manage, tailor, and monitor to add or reduce VM deployment as required.

The Top 4 Risks of Public IaaS

The 4 primary public cloud risks today’s businesses should be aware of are:

  1. Gaps in Security and Data Protection: According to the Cloud Standards Customer Council, “For public cloud deployments, consumers necessarily cede control to the cloud provider over a number of issues that may affect security. At the same time, cloud service-level agreements (SLA) may not offer a commitment to provide such capabilities on the part of the cloud provider, thus leaving gaps in security defenses.” GT.net offers a variety of security options to their customers, such as DDoS mitigation and penetration detection.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Shortcomings: Are you subject to PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance regulations? A public cloud service may not offer enough data oversight and control. GT.net IaaS private cloud is configured to adhere to all major compliance regulations, so that your organization and your private data are never at risk.
  3. Low Availability in the Multi-Tenant Environment: Multiple hosting tenants greatly limit your ability to scale, and this lack of flexibility has an impact on your infrastructure, performance and overall scalability when sharing resources such as CPU, storage and memory. GT.net IaaS private cloud guarantees your exclusive control over your environment so you can adapt it as you see fit.
  4. Unpredictable Costs: Many public cloud providers use confusing pricing models which add up over time and affect your bottom line. With GT.net’s IaaS private cloud, you only pay for what you use, and for what you need – no more, and no less.

GT.net IaaS private cloud reduces your 4 risks as each private cloud is setup exclusively for a single customer. This configuration guarantees security, data protection, compliance and infrastructure support, giving you and your organization the peace of mind it needs to grow.

The GT.net IaaS Private Cloud Difference

There are numerous private cloud providers on the market – GT.net IaaS private cloud services are differentiated by offering fully or partially-managed services that are tailored to your business and technical needs.

Flexible options tailored to your business and technical needs

GT.net offers services tailored to your business and technical needs.

Flexible Options at Your Disposal: Resource Provisioning or Do-It-Yourself

GT.net will help you determine how to provision your resources for maximum performance at minimum cost by customizing how much RAM or CPU you make available and utilize with each individual VM. All of this comes with a full range of preemptive monitoring and notification services so you’re always ahead of the curve.

If you are a DIY’er, a GT.net IaaS private cloud also gives you full, self-service provisioning capabilities so you can quickly add or remove VMs to meet variable demand without any extra cost or loss of performance while we maintain your network:

  • Unlike a public cloud, which may offer one standard set-up, a GT.net IaaS private cloud is customized to meet the needs of each client. Your individualized architecture will support the storage needs, application processing requirements, and security concerns of your business.
  • We will continually monitor your resources for data and system availability, monthly traffic, flexibility, reliability and predictable performance, so you never have to worry about getting caught off guard.

Reliable Performance and Network Connectivity

On a public IaaS setup, performance can fluctuate due to numerous external factors such as resource sharing, and that’s bad for business. GT.net’s IaaS private cloud offers a high performance 16-core private cloud, for example, with optimized utilization so you can spin up extra VMs on demand, with resources at your disposal, at no extra cost to meet temporary usage spikes or long-term growth.

Each GT.net IaaS private cloud includes at least one high-performance server (node) running 16 cores. We use memcached servers for heavy SQL queries, Varnish servers for caching frequently accessed content, CDNs, and more. Our distributed CDNs means geographically faster response times, while expert hardware management proactively monitors and optimizes your system and stack with custom-built tools such as GTmetrix and GossamerEye.

Security and Compliance

Our data centre in Vancouver, B.C.

Our data centre in Vancouver, B.C.

Your GT.net IaaS private cloud is hosted on dedicated, isolated VMs, ensuring infrastructure and data security, as well as adherence to any compliance regulations you need to meet. We work closely with our clients to design and deploy fully-secured, compliant, systems that meet or exceed industry standards. We further tailor our services by providing a customized set of policies regarding data confidentiality just for your specific needs.

GT.net is an AT101 SOC 2 Type 2 audited organization, and we have CSAE3416, SSAE16, PCI/DSS certification. When you host with GT.net, 9 of the 12 PCI/DSS requirements are satisfied out-of-the box, and we can guide you through the remaining steps to compliance.

Our data centers have the highest level of security and safety with 24/7 onsite security, bio-metric access, tailgate-proof man-trap, closed circuit CCTV and more. Diverse fiber paths ensure seamless fail-over to an alternate path in the event of natural disaster.

Fully Managed Services and Scalable Support

GT.net IaaS private cloud supports a full range of infrastructure needs – from large organizations that need high reliability and fully managed support services, to the tech savvy developer who only needs standard hosting.

Our services go well beyond network management to deeply evaluating your application infrastructure, and to providing strategic recommendations.

Included in our fully managed services is a range of technical support, including but not limited to database fine-tuning, backup and disaster recovery, automatic system switch-over, performance optimizations, operating system customizations to suit your specific technical needs, and the highest-quality direct support.

Predictable, Competitive Pricing

GT.net IaaS private cloud uses a simple, reliable, cost efficient pricing model: pay for your desired number of cores, then spin up as many VMs as you want at any time for no extra cost. You pay per server, not per VM, and you can set up as many VMs within your private cloud as you like without affecting your bill.

GT.net uses a simple, reliable, cost-efficient pricing model: you are given a pool of compute (CPU, cores and RAM) and storage resources, and you get to decide how to allocate them. You will never overpay for resources that are not in use and will need fewer cores to realize optimum performance on GT.net. Clients have seen savings of over 45 percent compared to the cost of their AWS deployment.

Get Your GT.net IaaS Private Cloud Solution Today

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