February 28th, 2017

performance testing

Without argument, site speed and performance are two of the top drivers of digital conversion. Prospects and customers just aren’t going to hang around a slowly loading site long enough to buy or sign up for anything. Maybe even worse, they’ll come away from the experience with a sense that the brand is out of date and out of touch, which might actually be a fate more dire than any spinning wheel.

After many conversations with our managed hosting clients, who were struggling with getting the data they needed to benchmark and improve site performance, GT.net launched GTmetrix.com in 2010. The idea was simple: give everyone with a website an easily accessible and actionable roadmap to optimized performance for free.

GTmetrix provides an in-depth speed performance report for your website – for free!

For brands with more substantial needs we created GTmetrix PRO, which offers higher volume performance testing, hourly monitoring and white-labeled reports. We also released an API that allows customers to integrate the GTmetrix testing suite directly into their platforms. Customers can utilize GTmetrix performance testing in internal tools or offer it as an add-value service to their own clients.

Top Performance (and Performance Testing) for the World’s Top Brands

The results have been rather extraordinary: GTmetrix is the largest performance testing site on the Internet. We’re currently testing more than 200,000 pages per day. Our PRO offering counts the largest companies of the modern era – including PayPal, Spotify, GoDaddy, Nordstrom, Travelocity, Nike and Hewlett-Packard – among those who depend on GTmetrix to ensure consistent high performance and current state/future state performance optimization.

One of GTmetrix’s core values is our accessibility. We want everyone to be able to understand – and optimize – web performance no matter what his or her technical aptitude. That’s why we developed our GTmetrix Basic account to be free forever.

No-cost features of the GTmetrix Basic offering include:

  • Testing with real browsers to analyze your page load (i.e., your URL is run through an actual browser to capture real-world data)
  • Page load analysis using Google PageSpeed, Yahoo YSlow recommendations, waterfall chart generation, and resource usage graphs
  • Multiple test options from various test regions around the world and using various connection speeds and browsers
  • Monitored analysis to track performance history over time
  • Alerts and digests to instantly make your IT, compliance, support and marketing teams aware of any issues
  • Mobile analysis to replicate real-world performance of your website on mobile devices
  • Videos of your page loads to more accurately represent ‘real world’ user experience

If you need increased volume or want to keep a closer eye on your website, upgrading to GTmetrix PRO can provide more insight to help maintain performance consistency.

GTmetrix PRO features include:

  • Hourly monitoring to ensure consistent performance, especially during peak traffic times
  • Monitoring from remote locations with access to seven test servers worldwide to get the most accurate representation of your user’s experiences
  • White-labeled performance reports that can be branded with your company’s look and feel for your own clients or key stakeholders
  • Priority access in the analysis queue
  • Video capture for alerts to provide a visible indication of what may have occurred to trigger the alert
  • Resource usage graphs for monitored reports as well as manual tests
  • Customizable accounts letting you pick and choose what you want (and what you want to pay for)

GTmetrix PRO users also enjoy more monitored URLs, more saved URLs, more daily API credits and more report filters than Basic users.

GTmetrix aims to make web performance less complicated and an invaluable tool for webmasters of all skill levels.

Regardless of which type of GTmetrix account works best for you and your company, you’ll find that our engineers and developers are working hard to make complicated concepts easy to understand, easy to prioritize and easy to explain. Our unique usability and accessibility is a value-add beyond the actual information to empower your teams with the insight they need to optimize performance and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

A Consistently Fast Web for Everyone

While our market penetration speaks for itself (with 150 million pages analyzed at the time of this writing), it’s the ongoing web performance and site optimization services we provide that truly mean something to our team. It’s fundamental to our core mission: a consistently fast web for everyone, and it’s what has driven us to provide the very best performance testing and monitoring, analysis and UI on the market.

Try GTmetrix out and see for yourself. Because your customers aren’t going to wait around for your performance to improve – and neither should you. There’s a better option out there; let us be the ones to show you.

Visit GTmetrix directly to learn more and analyze your site performance.