October 17th, 2013



Flip Media is a digital marketing agency located in the Middle East. With over 9 offices around the world and operating in twenty different languages, they quickly outgrew their Microsoft Exchange platform, especially in terms of cost. Additionally, they were looking for a more streamlined way to share creative assets, attachments, and correspondence between the geographically disperse offices.


GT.net moved Flip Media from Microsoft Exchange to our hosted Zimbra solution. Zimbra is an enterprise-class, open source e-mail platform, developed by VMware. It’s a light-weight and easily-managed e-mail application that is a perfect alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Because of the high number of emails they send and receive daily, GT.net provided a managed, e-mail specific cluster solution that assures high performance and uptime. Integration with existing LDAP infrastructure was completed to ensure a seamless switch-over.

Along with the installation of Zimbra, GT.net’s parent company Gossamer Threads developed a variety of “zimlets”: custom-built extensions of Zimbra’s default functionality that allow for better integration with Flip Media’s customer management system.


Thanks to GT.net, Flip Media found an easier way to maintain their worldwide network through centralized calendars, email, and creative assets. Above all, costs were lowered by switching to Zimbra, while still providing all the tools and features their employees were accustomed to.

GT.net continues to partner with Flip Media, providing a managed hosting environment for their Zimbra installation to this day.

Learn more about our hosted Zimbra solution here.