August 17th, 2013



Aeroplan is Canada’s premier coalition loyalty program, with 4.9 million active members to date. Members collect frequent flyer points from various retailers and trade them in for trips. Since their former web hosting provider wasn’t specialized for RT hosting, their installation was badly managed. As a result tickets for their customer support couldn’t be worked through as fast as desired and their two RT installations (one for internal projects, one for customer support) outgrew the server capability.

Solution set up a Platinum Request Tracker installation that specifically targeted performance issues and downtime concerns. Aeroplan’s RT installation now runs on a clustered hosting solution with two database servers and 2 web servers. The implemented High Availability (HA) system also ensures that their installation is always up and running and any downtime is handled with an instant failover to a mirrored system. Hardware wise, RAM was boosted to 16GB to ensure Aeroplan doesn’t run out of memory and 15K SAS hard drives assure high speed input/output of data.

Migrating an installation of this size is never an easy task. collaborated closely with Aeroplan’s techs and did three dry runs before the actual migration to consider potential risks. After the successful data transfer, tested the redundancy of the server cluster by disabling application and database servers, double-checking that the mirrored servers would seamlessly replace each other in case of live outages. Read more about what we did for Aeroplan here.


Migration was completed on schedule with no data loss and no user-side downtime. In addition to RT applications, multiple custom scripts developed by our parent company Gossamer Threads run in a smooth and stable fashion on the new platform. Aeroplan’s support system is one of’s largest Request Tracker install with approximately 28k tickets per month. After the migration, wait times for support requests dropped dramatically from weeks to hours.

What They Say:

The transition of our hosting and support to Gossamer Threads was well planned and seamlessly executed. Gossamer was hands-on in learning about our business and customized RT applications. They delivered all applications as scheduled, in working order and with no loss of data. They met our standards and surpassed our expectations for a successful migration.

– Josee Russo, Aeroplan’s RT Project Manager

Learn more about our hosted Request Tracker solution here.