Request Tracker Hosting

Request Tracker Hosting

Enterprise issue tracking by Best Practical

Request Tracker (RT) is a Perl-based, enterprise-class issue-tracking system created by Best Practical. Perfect for bug tracking, help desk tickets, customer service tickets, workflow processes, and more. is the exclusive partner of Best Practical. Our special relationship means that we often get advanced notice of any RT changes/issues before anyone else and can help you benefit from, or work around, these points. We've been collaborating with Best Practical for many years (in fact, they own several servers here to host their development clients).

With's Request Tracker Hosting, we deal with the associated maintenance requirements and overhead and will customize RT for your specific business needs.

Plans start at $125 per site/month.

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Request Tracker Hosting Benefits

Request Tracker Hosting All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing.

Any Device, Any Platform

Your RT install is available from anywhere you have access to the internet and on any device — your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone will all work. Because it's a web application, it doesn't matter whether you're running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Customized to Your Organization

Don't tweak your company's processes to fit the software. Let the software fit your company’s processes. Categorize tickets and projects in whatever way makes sense for you, and there's no artificial limit on the number you can use.


Used by Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest brands across the world.

For instance, Aeroplan uses it to handle 6000+ support tickets daily.


We know that today's world is a mobile world. It's why the RT interface is mobile-optimized for iOS and Android devices.

Request Tracker Hosting
All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing.

Support Changes in Business Processes

All your workflow and business logic can be taught to RT using our powerful "scripts" lifecycles, custom fields, approvals, and extensions. These allow you to add functionality and features to your installation to support new business processes.

Why you should host Request Tracker with

Customized for You

Put your trust in our many years of RT customization and hosting experience. We've helped to set up numerous workflows, from simple to very complex, for a wide variety of clients.

Managed by

We'll take care of all updates and security patches, and if anything is wrong with your RT installation, we'll address it immediately. If you wish, you can always maintain control by having full access to the source and modify certain aspects of RT. All you need to do is to determine what's right for you.

High Performance Hosting

Expect fast performance from our Perl-optimized servers. We've worked extensively with even the most demanding implementations of this programming language, and have mod_perl set up to operate at its very best.

Hosting Plans

Get Started Now

Purchase Request Tracker online, right now. Pricing is based on the performance of the application (i.e, number of tickets) not the servers. Purchase includes one hour of consultation and a free copy of the RT Essentials eBook. For complex customization requirements, please contact us.


  • Starts at $3,250/month (USD)
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Custom cluster
  • Please contact us for more information
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  • $350/month (USD)
  • 1,000 tickets/month
  • Dedicated server
  • 2 cores, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB space


  • $800/month (USD)
  • 5,000 tickets/month
  • Dedicated server
  • 4 cores, 32 GB RAM, 500 GB space


  • $125/month (USD)
  • 500 tickets/month
  • Shared server
  • RT runs in your own mod_perl installation that you fully control

Case Studies

Case Study

Aeroplan outgrew their existing Request Tracker (RT) installations. set up a high performance solution.

Aeroplan is Canada's premier coalition loyalty program, with 4.9 million active members to date. Members collect frequent flyer points from various retailers and trade them in for trips. Since their former...

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Request Tracker Hosting starts at $125/month.