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A powerful CMS for the perfectionist

Bricolage is an enterprise-class, open source system for content creation, management, workflow, and publishing. It was designed for workflows with multiple contributors and departments, making it suitable for big media companies with stringent editorial workflows, and large amounts of content distributed across multiple sites.

This system is powerful and can support the most complicated of document types and workflows.

We know Bricolage inside and out and our Hosted Bricolage clients benefit from our close partnership with the company (heck, we even host their site).

Plans start at $125/month for dedicated installations.

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Bricolage Benefits

Bricolage Hosting
All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

Create Powerful Modeling

A powerful and easy-to-use interface allows you to create/edit complex documents — even allowing for the addition of custom data fields.

Data fields can be dynamically populated, using simple SQL-like code snippets, making it a snap to integrate Bricolage with other systems.

Intuitive Content Editing Interface

Data fields and "sub-elements" (groupings of related data fields; e.g. a postal address) can be added easily, and are determined by the type of story being edited.

Category, keyword, and contributor associations have their own sections for fast, AJAX-enhanced editing.

Easy Publishing

Familiar publishing features like track changes come standard in Bricolage. Assign users to specific actions and content through comprehensive permissions systems. Access full event logging and compare two content versions side-by-side.

Stay on Top with Alerts

Notification alerts (i.e. publishing of articles, drafts in queue, et cetera) are easily set up.

Alerts are highly customizable using simple rules, and can be configured for any Bricolage object.

Bricolage Hosting
All application hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing.

Robust Collaboration and Permissions

Collaborate easily thanks to personal workspaces, sandboxed previewing, document check-in and check-out with notes and history, and revision control with rollback.

Permissions are both flexible and straightforward. Permissions are granted to members of a group of users, allowing them to access a given group of objects.

Why you should host Bricolage with

Customized for You, but You're Always in Control

We'll customize Bricolage to work perfectly for your needs; whether you need better language support, MS Word importing, custom inline editors, or multi-office workflows. And you’ll always have full access and control to your source code if you ever want to make changes to your site.

Managed by

Save yourself the headaches by leaving the grunt-work to us. We'll take care of Bricolage updates, enhancements, and monitoring for you. Our hosting support staff is equipped to deal with any installation hiccups "immediately", and makes sure Bricolage is always running at its best for you.

Install, Scale and Grow

Skip the installation woes. Our Bricolage experts will set you up quickly and efficiently. Our default install includes all optional Perl modules for maximum flexibility down the road. We also configure FTP template servers, cleaning scripts, database vacuuming scripts, and a phpPgAdmin instance so the database can be viewed and altered directly for any future changes.

Case Studies

Case Study

The Tyee delivers Bricolage-powered news; manages their Bricolage install.

The Tyee is one of British Columbia's largest and well renowned publications, covering everything from politics, to culture and events in the local area. It's powered by Bricolage, with the CMS managing...

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Bricolage Hosting starts at $125/month.