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Web, mobile, and video ad serving

AdvertPro is a self-hosted, scalable ad serving solution. It's for advertisers, publishers, and networks that need to serve up ads quickly. It's the perfect solution for consolidating the management of your web, mobile, and video advertising with minimal effort.

We've maintained a close relationship with AdvertPro's developer, Renegade, for many years. Hosted AdvertPro brings together their technology and’s powerful servers to ensure consistent, blazing fast, and targeted ad delivery.

Installation is free on one of our dedicated AdvertPro servers.

Plans start at $250/month.

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AdvertPro Benefits

AdvertPro Hosting
All hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing, and free site transfer.

Ad Trafficking and Targeted Delivery

Precision targeting means higher response rates. With built-in geo-targeting and custom demographic targeting capabilities, you’ll hit the mark on your key markets; with flexible scheduling and delivery limits and capping, you'll make sure your audience never experiences ad fatigue and burnout.

Smart Inventory Management for Revenue Optimization

We'll take your "ad zones" (the real estate on your web page that you intend to serve ads) and give you the tools to apply the appropriate weighting and prioritization, and even adjusting for responsive sites based on tablet and mobile viewing.

Flexible Pricing Models

You'll be able to sell your ad space to your advertisers on either a CPM (impressions), CPC (clicks), CPA (action), or flat (a set amount for a specific period of time) model depending on your arrangement.

Easy Integration

Integrating ad zones into your website, mobile app, or video player is quick and painless. The code wizard enables you to generate ad serving tags for your ad zones with just one click. AdvertPro uses AJAX serving to ensure page content loads first, so ads don't negatively affect page load time. This speed optimization also helps to maintain optimal search engine rankings.

AdvertPro Hosting
All application hosting solutions feature:
No contract, month-to-month billing.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

You won't have to wait 24 hours like other ad servers. The real-time reporting is customizable, allowing you to edit, sort, and adjust; and also provides you with interactive charts and maps that allow you to quickly visualize data. For further analysis, export to multiple file formats including CSV/Excel, HTML, PDF, and XML with a single click.

Why you should host AdvertPro with


It's pointless serving ads on your site if the result is that it grinds your site down to a halt. Keep your site's performance fast and consistent by employing dedicated AdvertPro servers. We'll optimize AdvertPro to run as efficiently as possible on your site, allowing it to benefit from ideal PageSpeed and YSlow scores.

Managed by

Have us address installation, setup, server back-ups, monitoring, and security (we've done it thousands of times!). Many of our AdvertPro hosting clients have already delegated this task to us, knowing that we're here to fix anything that doesn't behave, be it hardware or software.

We're a Preferred Partner

Rely on's long relationship with AdvertPro and our deep experience deploying and managing the technology. We’re well versed in the intricacies of AdvertPro and can assist with even the trickiest customizations and CMS integration issues.

AdvertPro Hosting starts at $250/month.