Why trust hosted applications?

Hosted applications like Request Tracker, WordPress, and Zimbra can significantly lower your IT management expenses. So stop chasing around multiple vendors and creating an endless stream of support tickets. We’re here and ready to support you across all your application needs. partners with a select number of hosted technologies. As application experts, we can provide you with hands-on customization and worry-free hosting for your trusted applications. Our deep experience with each of these applications means we can deploy your application quickly and efficiently.

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Request Tracker

Issue & Support Tracking

Request Tracker (RT) is an industry-trusted issue tracking system created by Best Practical. It's used for bug tracking, help desk tickets, customer service tickets, workflow processes, and more. If you want to get the most out of RT without the setup and maintenance headache, Hosted RT is for you.

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E-mail, calendar, and collaboration

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an enterprise-class, open source e-mail, calendar, and collaboration system developed by VMware. Minmize your internal IT workload and let deploy, manage, customize, and scale your Hosted Zimbra set-up.

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Enterprise CMS

Bricolage is an open source content management, workflow, and publishing system for creating, managing, and publishing large amounts of content across multiple sites. We know Bricolage inside and out. If you have complicated site requirements and workflows, we can help you set-up and optimize it.

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Ad Serving

AdvertPro is a self-hosted scalable ad solution for publishers, advertisers, and networks that have to serve up ads quickly. Need consistent, blazingly fast, targeted ad delivery? Hosted AdvertPro brings together AdvertPro's technology and's powerful servers to do exactly that.

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High-traffic Blog, Enterprise CMS

WordPress is the most ubiquitous blogging/CMS platform on the Internet. But it can be vulnerable to attacks, and if your blog is getting a lot of traffic, your readers might experience slow page loads. Try our Hosted WordPress service and see how fast, stable, and secure we can make your blog.

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