Managed Hosting in Canada

What does it mean to you?

Any hosting provider can provision the hardware, set up your server, and harden it for security. They can manage the network, maintain the data centers, and refresh the hardware.

We do all that.

Do you expect your hosting provider to take an intimate look into your application infrastructure? Do you expect them to have the capabilities to performance fine tune your database and operating system?

Do you expect them to bring their own tools like GTmetrix and GossamerEye to optimize and pro-actively monitor your system against over 30 performance metrics?

Whether you're technical or not, big or small, local or global, Managed Hosting should mean more to you.

Because it does to us.

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Canadian Managed Hosting


High Performance

There's a reason why we are "Performance Hosting" experts. With nearly two decades of web application development, we understand what it means to your business to have a quick and zippy site.

Whether you run an e-commerce site with considerable security requirements, a high traffic CMS site, or a SaaS application, we’ll look at every single tier in your application to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. How will you know? Your users will be the first to tell you.


Advanced Monitoring

We monitor hardware and software regularly through our own in-house-built server monitoring system to ensure smooth operation. This allows us to be on top of everything and proactively make recommendations even before hiccups occur.

Our monitoring ensures that server software is working properly, hardware is healthy, and servers are available from around the globe. We're constantly monitoring for for any performance dips; so that you'll never have to worry about poor performance again.


Expert Support

Consider our support and engineering team as your off-site IT and application development department. Trust us to follow best practices, perform regular system updates, and run patches to keep your environment safe and up-to-date.

We'll even provide custom software installs for you, and fine-tune existing installations. You'll never ever hear us say: "that's not our problem" or "go check your own code".

But you also get more with Managed Hosting

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Standard Back-up & Restoration

We would never leave you hanging out to dry. It's why we offer full back-ups of your file system up to 7 days if your site ever gets hacked or goes down. Our exceptionally fast support and response time gets your business back up and running in no time.

If you ever need more advanced back-ups or restoration, check out our Back-up and Failover and Disaster Recovery services.

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Enterprise Security

We start by locking down our infrastructure (SSAE16 Certified) and securing our data centers. We've implemented system-level and network-level intrusion detection. Naturally, we apply regular security patches and are always trained and up to date on new security vulnerabilities on popular applications (eg. WordPress CMS).

Looking for PCI/DSS and HIPAA Compliance? Read more

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Experienced Team

There's no such thing as "Level 1 Support" at At first contact, you'll be talking to somebody from Canada who can resolve your problems.

With 24/7 e-mail support, our high-level sys admins follow best practices, perform regular system updates, and are primed to help you solve your complex technical issues.

Insightful Testimonials

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Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan Europe

"Having worked on several projects now with Gossamer Threads, Nissan is very pleased with the quality, attention to detail and speed of the solutions and outcomes of the projects. Having Gossamer on hand essentially 24-7 is also of a huge benefit. For a European operation, having an agency based in Canada is a great help to us as it means we can brief in requests last thing in the evening, and they are ready for sign off by the time we start our next working day."

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Josee Russo, Aeroplan

"The transition of our hosting and support to Gossamer Threads was well planned and seamlessly executed. Gossamer was hands-on in learning about our business and customized RT applications. They delivered all applications as scheduled, in working order and with no loss of data. They met our standards and surpassed our expectations for a successful migration."

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Martin Diessner, Flip Holding Ltd.

"Gossamer has provided us not only with an extremely reliable hosting solution but also with incredible high standards of service, technical know-how and advice in putting a hosting farm of 35 servers together that maximize the investments of our clients across the Middle East, India Europe and Africa."

Hosting Options

Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Dedicated

Have you outgrown your current Canadian hosting service? Need better performance? Dedicated Hosting is ideal for single websites with relatively basic technical requirements. It's popular with bloggers and startups and comes in two flavors: Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Physical Server.

About Dedicated

CLustered Hosting Clustered Clustered

Are you moving beyond the capabilities of a single dedicated server? Or does your site have complex technical requirements? Clustered Hosting is ideal for sites with stringent performance, reliability, and security needs. SMEs that host one large website tend to prefer Clustered Hosting.

About Clustered

Private Cloud Hosting Private Cloud Private Cloud

Do you want instant scalability and consistent pricing, without sacrificing performance and security? Private Cloud Hosting gives you full control of your server platform. Organizations with an IT group find Private Cloud Hosting perfect for managing multiple significant assets.

About Private Cloud

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